I am currently involved in the following projects:

Over the last few years, I have participated to the following projects

  • MUSICAL: Project funded by CNPq that aims to develop and integrate tools from logic and concurrency theory for the design and analysis of reactive systems and their application to musical processes and multimedia systems.
  • PoSET: Project funded by INRIA that aims to provide a consistent and robust mathematical framework for the modeling of sequential and parallel aspects of temporal media in order to develop simpler, safer and more powerful tools for the creation of hierarchical, multi-scale and multi-modal pieces of interactive art.
  • OSSIA: Project funded by ANR that aimed to formalize the logical and temporal constraints inherent in multimedia scenarios in order to develop tools for their specification and verification.
  • REACT+: Project funded by COLCIENCIAS that aimed to develop the underlying theory and machine-assisted tools for verifying concurrent systems specified in the non-deterministic timed concurrent constraint calculus called NTCC, and their application in emergent domains such as Security , Biology and Multimedia Interaction.